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I will do freelance flight instruction at Corona,
Chino, French Valley, Hemet, and Riverside in your aircraft.

I also do aircraft ferrying, recently I picked up a Cherokee 140 from Cleveland, Ohio(1G1) and flew
it back to Corona, CA(AJO) in three days(23.3hrs logged). Why not ride along and receive flight instruction
for free, it is especially handy if you have never flown long cross countries. My rate is
$125-175 per day depending on aircraft, plus expenses. Need that plane picked up
at the last minute, no problem just contact me by cell at 951-442-6430.

Have a Question? Ask the Flight Instructor, and you will get a prompt accurate response.

If you are taking a Flight Review with me, please print the Flight Review form and fill out the top portion of it:

Flight Review form
C-172N Checklist
C-172F Checklist {MSWord}
C-150M Checklist {MSWord}

Hello and welcome to my aviation page, I own this Website. Flying and Flight Instructing is my passion
in life. Growing up I always had the flying bug, throughout my childhood I would read, sleep, breathe aviation
but didn't know how to get involved. Thanks to my Uncle, who was a private pilot, he took me on my first flight
and I was hooked. I did all I could to find money to fly. I took my first flight lesson at the age of 14 in a
Cessna 150 with an Instructor by the name of Chris. Chris owned a flight school in Corona (KAJO) which
was appropriately named Chrisaire Aviation. After high school I worked many jobs and stopped flying. Then
one day I woke up and decided that I needed to follow my dreams and make changes in my life. I packed up
my old life, left home and enrolled at a popular aviation university.

After attending college and earning my aviation degree and numerous pilot certificates, ratings and
endorsements (Instrument, Commercial, Multi, CFI, AGI, etc.) we had the 9/11 attacks and
instructing/flying jobs vanished almost overnight. In order to support my new family I returned
to California where I did aircraft ferrying and instruction at the new FlyCorona School in addition
to my regular job at a water agency. I have since moved onto doing Freelance Flight Instruction at
numerous airports in the IE (AJO, CNO, RAL) and still ferry aircraft.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me, below is a partial listing of my Credentials.

Multiengine Land
Single Engine Land
Instrument Airplane

Airplane Single Engine
Exp: 31, July 2018


FCC License
Restricted Radio Operator Permit

Endorsements/Checkouts Given
High Altitude
High Performance
TAA Aircraft

Aircraft Flown
Aeronca Chief, AA-1B, BE-E33, BE-A36, BE-76, BE-77, BE-95, BE-C23,
C150, C152, C172, C172RG, C177RG, T206H, T210, M20, PA28-140,
PA28-161, PA28-180, PA-30, PA38-112,

I take a lot of pride in Flight Instructing, this job is not just a stepping stone for me. You will
find I have a passion for teaching and I am very much interested in ensuring you receive quality instruction.
I am very structured in my style and you will find me to be professional, on time, prepared and ready to teach.
I believe this comes from my passion and years of Part 141 training in a professional environment.

Have a Question? Ask the Flight Instructor, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

All the best~





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