Private Pilot Syllabus

Below is a list of the lessons, they may not all be completed in one flight lesson.

Flight Lessons
{1 Dual}{2 Dual}{3 Dual}{4 Dual}{5 Dual}{6 Dual}{7 Dual}{8 Dual}{9 Pre-Solo Check/Dual}{10 Dual/Solo}
{11 Dual/Solo}{12 Dual}{13 Dual}{14 Dual}{15 Solo}{16 Dual}{17 Solo}
{18 Solo}{19 Solo}{20 Dual}{21 Night/Dual}{22 XC/Dual}
{23 XC/Solo}{24 XC/Solo}{25 Night XC/Dual}
{26 Night XC/Solo}{27 Dual}{28 Checkride Practice/Solo}
{29 - Simulated Flight Check/Dual}{30 - Final Progress Check/Dual}

Flight Lesson 14
Proficiency Maneuvers Review - Dual


The student will gain enough proficiency to be able to go to the practice area solo.

  1. Use of sectional chart.
  2. Navigating to the practice area.
  3. All required stalls: power-on/off clean & dirty.
  4. S-Turns.
  5. Eights across a Road.
  6. Eights along a Road.
  7. Turns around a Point.
  8. Rectangular course.
  9. Emergency situations and landings.
10. Basic instrument review (minimum 30 minutes).
11. Return to airport and pattern entry.

Completion Standards:

Altitude +/-50 feet, Heading +/- 5 degrees, Airspeed +/-5 knots, ball within 1/4 width, unassisted return to airport.