Private Pilot Syllabus

Below is a list of the lessons, they may not all be completed in one flight lesson.

Flight Lessons
{1 Dual}{2 Dual}{3 Dual}{4 Dual}{5 Dual}{6 Dual}{7 Dual}{8 Dual}{9 Pre-Solo Check/Dual}{10 Dual/Solo}
{11 Dual/Solo}{12 Dual}{13 Dual}{14 Dual}{15 Solo}{16 Dual}{17 Solo}
{18 Solo}{19 Solo}{20 Dual}{21 Night/Dual}{22 XC/Dual}
{23 XC/Solo}{24 XC/Solo}{25 Night XC/Dual}
{26 Night XC/Solo}{27 Dual}{28 Checkride Practice/Solo}
{29 - Simulated Flight Check/Dual}{30 - Final Progress Check/Dual}

Flight Lesson 30
Final Progress Check - Dual


The student will display the knowledge and ability sufficicient to pass the Private Pilot oral and flight test. This ca be performend with another instructor if possible.

  1. All items in the FAA Private Pilot Practical Test Standards.

Note: If student completes lesson 30 satisfactorily then, Endorse pilot logbook, FAA Knowledge exam results if less than 100%, and FAA Form 8710

Completion Standards:

The student will demonstrate required proficiency to pass the oral and flight test to the FAA Practical Test Standards. The progress check instructor shold list
any additional training that he/she feels is required on the these pages.

Hour Requirements to Take Practical Test:

40 hours total
20 hours dual (3 prep for checkride)
10 hours solo
3 hours Dual Cross-country
5 hours Solo Cross-country (including 1 more than 150nm total distance)
3 hours instrument (simulated/actual)
3 hours Dual Night (10 landings and 1 X/C more than 100nm)