Private Pilot Syllabus

Below is a list of the lessons, they may not all be completed in one flight lesson.

Flight Lessons
{1 Dual}{2 Dual}{3 Dual}{4 Dual}{5 Dual}{6 Dual}{7 Dual}{8 Dual}{9 Pre-Solo Check/Dual}{10 Dual/Solo}
{11 Dual/Solo}{12 Dual}{13 Dual}{14 Dual}{15 Solo}{16 Dual}{17 Solo}
{18 Solo}{19 Solo}{20 Dual}{21 Night/Dual}{22 XC/Dual}
{23 XC/Solo}{24 XC/Solo}{25 Night XC/Dual}
{26 Night XC/Solo}{27 Dual}{28 Checkride Practice/Solo}
{29 - Simulated Flight Check/Dual}{30 - Final Progress Check/Dual}

Flight Lesson 21
Night Checkout - Dual


The student will be introduced to night flying and gain the required experience needed before being allowed to fly solo cross-country.

  1. Discussion of aeromedical factors.
  2. Weather briefing.
  3. Night preflight inspection.
  4. Night navigation.
  5. Area orientation.
  6. Steep turns.
  7. Slow flight.
  8. Stalls.
  9. Emergency situations and landings.
10. Simulated ASR approach.
11. Go-arounds.
12. Takeoffs and landings (minimum 10 full stop: some with no panel & landing lights).

Completion Standards:

Altitude +/-200 feet, Heading +/- 10 degrees, Airspeed +/-10 knots, demonstrate competency as sole manipulator of the controls.