Private Pilot Syllabus

Below is a list of the lessons, they may not all be completed in one flight lesson.

Flight Lessons
{1 Dual}{2 Dual}{3 Dual}{4 Dual}{5 Dual}{6 Dual}{7 Dual}{8 Dual}{9 Pre-Solo Check/Dual}{10 Dual/Solo}
{11 Dual/Solo}{12 Dual}{13 Dual}{14 Dual}{15 Solo}{16 Dual}{17 Solo}
{18 Solo}{19 Solo}{20 Dual}{21 Night/Dual}{22 XC/Dual}
{23 XC/Solo}{24 XC/Solo}{25 Night XC/Dual}
{26 Night XC/Solo}{27 Dual}{28 Checkride Practice/Solo}
{29 - Simulated Flight Check/Dual}{30 - Final Progress Check/Dual}

Flight Lesson 6
Critical Stalls and Preparation for the Pattern - Dual

Dual 1.0 Hour (all approximate)
Pre/Postflight 1.0 Hour (all approximate)

To develop the student's ability to recognize and take effective action to recover from critical flight situations and to introduce
the student to emergency landings and touch-and-go takeoffs and landings.

1. Slow Flight.
2. Steep Turns (45-degree bank).
3. Power-on stalls.
4. Accelerated stalls. (We need to complete this from Lesson 5 also)
5. Power-off stalls.
6. Spin awareness.
7. System and equipment malfunction.
8. Emergency operations.
9. Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings.

Completion Standards:

Stall procedures memorized, maximum ball deflection 1/2 width, Altitude +/-100 feet, Airspeed +/-10 knots.