Private Pilot Syllabus

Below is a list of the lessons, they may not all be completed in one flight lesson.

Flight Lessons
{1 Dual}{2 Dual}{3 Dual}{4 Dual}{5 Dual}{6 Dual}{7 Dual}{8 Dual}{9 Pre-Solo Check/Dual}{10 Dual/Solo}
{11 Dual/Solo}{12 Dual}{13 Dual}{14 Dual}{15 Solo}{16 Dual}{17 Solo}
{18 Solo}{19 Solo}{20 Dual}{21 Night/Dual}{22 XC/Dual}
{23 XC/Solo}{24 XC/Solo}{25 Night XC/Dual}
{26 Night XC/Solo}{27 Dual}{28 Checkride Practice/Solo}
{29 - Simulated Flight Check/Dual}{30 - Final Progress Check/Dual}

Flight Lesson 22
Cross-Country - Dual


The student will acquire an understanding of cross-country flight using dead reckoning, pilotage, and radio navigation. Make each leg as long
as possible, a minimum of 50nm. At least one landing at an airport with a control tower if not done previously. Require refueling operations
at least one time (if possible). Minimum flight time 3 hours.

  1. Discussion of airplane's performance and limitations.
  2. Discussion of minimum equipment list.
  3. Plotting course.
  4. Preparation of flight log and complete preflight planning per 14 CFR 91.103.
  5. Weather breifing.
  6. Filing flight plan.
  7. Use of flight computer.
  8. Cross-country flight.
  9. Use of flight log.
10. Radio communications (including failures).

Note: Endorse student pilot certificate for cross-country flight if performance is satisfactory as well as logbook

Completion Standards:

Altitude +/-200 feet, Heading +/- 10 degrees, ETAs +/-2 minutes, maintain course within one mile, proper radio communications.